Our Portfolio

Check out some of our latest & creative video productions. 

Unconditional Love-A short film on Mother's Unconditional Love for her Daughter-Panda Flick Films

It’s a special bond that spans the years. Through laughter, worry, smiles and tears. A sense of trust that can’t be broken, a depth of love sometimes unspoken, a life long friendship built on sharing, Hugs and kisses, warmth and caring, Mother and daughter their hearts as one. A link that can never be undone.
We at Panda Flick Films are proud to showcase this short film of Unconditional Love of a mother for her daughter.
A big thank you to Sonali Vasistha for contributing with her emotions and voice for Baby Pia Vasistha.

Promo video for Pragmatic Investment Solutions

Wealth is awesome! It helps you do things you enjoy the most.
Here we have a promo film put together for one of our clients Pragmatic Investment Solutions.

India's First Music Band on Wheels-Flowing Karma.

Promo video film for India's First Music Band on Wheels-Flowing Karma. Thank you Chandigarh Spinal Rehab for the opportunity!

Panda Flick Films Promo Video

Check out in this video, what all services are provided by Panda Flick Films.

Sazio Nightclub-Promo Video

Night Club Promotion Video for one of our clients, Sazio. If you run and/or manage a night club, lounge, restaurant, party club or an event management agency contact us for a promo video creation for your business.

Corporate Promo Video-Satnam Infosys

Corporate Promo video for one of our clients, Satnam Infosys. Check out this video to know more about Satnam Infosys.

Educational Videos-Mohali School of Digital Marketing

This is a video on Digital Marketing for one of our biggest clients, Mohali School of Digital Marketing